What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) is a condition that causes pain all over the body, sleep issues, fatigue, and often emotional and mental stress. People with fibromyalgia may be more sensitive to pain. This is called abnormal pain perception processing. Fibromyalgia affects about 4 million US adults, about 2% of the adult population. The cause of fibromyalgia is generally not known, but it can effectively be treated, managed, and even eliminated.

When consistent physical pain occurs, it can take a toll on your mind mentally as well as your body. Under those circumstances, it's important to stay focused, to breathe, and to continue to take one step forward at a time. Living with Fibromyalgia can certainly take a toll on you on many levels. Currently, unfortunately, there is a general belief that there is no cure. People are told that medications, exercise, acupuncture, and behavioral therapy can help improve sleep quality and relieve pain symptoms. These activities help but they are only the beginning; so much more is possible.

When you have eliminated Fibromyalgia, which is a choice, you will have far more wisdom, self-awareness, and an absolute understanding of how and why disease and disorders develop. Epigenetics, awareness of cellular memory, and meditation have all revolutionized how we look at disease and illness. This is a whole new world so prepare for your mind to be blown. I am here to provide motivational and transformational guidance while helping you to temporarily treat your pain until you no longer have it, or have it only intermittently, with the ability to eliminate it as needed. There is a way….. so many others have taken it. But only if you are willing to change your beliefs, understand how you do relationships, and see a whole new way of doing your life with all of who you are meant to be in it. Transformation, a call to your highest and best self, awaits.  Imagine the life that will bring! For now, simply breathe, slowly...

Stay Educated

Stay educated to the many new ways of looking at disease. They are so exciting.

The first awareness, knowing that stress is a major cause of illness, allows us to now address the cause or beginning of many disorders. I found that few patients ever made the connection to what was going on at the time of onset prior to our discussing it. Understanding what was happening at the beginning of a condition allows you to begin addressing new ways of dealing with the particular stressors that were occurring in your life at the time.

In understanding the bigger picture, disorders such as Fibromyalgia do not occur as a result of a one-time stressor. They are the byproduct of a life-long pattern of dealing with particular situations in a certain way. The final straw simply makes it all so real. Cellular memory explains this in a wonderful and intriguing way.

From studying the field of cellular memory, we know that the cells throughout your body remember every thought, feeling or sensation you have ever had. We used to believe this type of knowledge only existed in the brain but in fact, every cell in your body knows. The impact of such cellular memory is that cells clearly remember patterns of behaviors, as well as likes and dislikes. In addition, you have developed a conditioned response to certain stimuli. Your cells know this. Consequently, your body responds to stresses according to the patterns you have consciously or unconsciously developed. Many are learned from generation through generation, but others are yours alone.

Regardless of where these responses originated, you have the option of changing those patterns. It requires a willingness to change your beliefs around certain things, however. That is not always easy. If you see children as dependent upon you to learn about life, to be protected from failure or loneliness, are you willing to see them differently? Are you willing to see them as needing to fail, to self-entertain, to make mistakes? Are you willing to accept that children need to develop the needed skills now to be able to succeed in life as adults later and on their own?

What happens when you hear someone cry? Do you get angry or stressed? Do you put immense expectations on yourself to make the situation better? To fix it? What if you didn’t? How would you feel in your body? What if no stress/concern occurred when you saw someone appearing to be vulnerable and in distress? What if you came to accept those moments as simply a part of life? What if no stress was activated? Imagine how differently your body would feel. You would be creating a whole new pattern of response.

Taking this even further, deeper, on a scientific level the study of epigenetics shows how thoughts, beliefs, environments, and behaviors impact your gene function. It also shows that all of these impacts are reversible. Changing your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and so on, can change your gene function. Just think what this can do for you. Just think what it would do to your Fibromyalgia.

Start by becoming aware of the pattern of pain in your body. There truly is one. What is occurring when the pain intensifies? What is happening when it lessens? One of the participants in my research study who had been using a walker but was now without it, and without pain, on the follow-up told me that one morning her 16-years-old son told her he wanted to take driving lessons and immediately she felt pain surging through the floor into her legs. It was instantaneous.

She remembered what I had taught her and she took a deep breathe, disassociated for a moment from the situation, and visualized the pain flowing down her legs, back into the earth and out of her body. She then recognized that he was going to drive at some point anyway so she needed to breathe and let it be. Trust and pray were her words. The pain was gone instantly and her life continued without it and with a developed level of awareness and a tool for immediate relief.

For you, what is the difference between the good days and the bad days? What is happening within and around you when your pain level shifts? What is going on in your life when this begins? How can you deal with it differently?

I’ve written 7 books but at the moment, I am in the midst of writing my 8th, Curing Fibromyalgia. However, my third book, Your Soul Sings ~ Your Body Dances talks all about different personalities and their propensity for specific diseases. The last 2 chapters present my Fibromyalgia research discussing the various participants and the changes in their thinking and pain levels etc. I’ve written it for just this type of need. To support those who are looking and ready to let go so that they can reclaim their life with more vibrancy and gratitude than ever before.

Begin To Live

Disorders and disease can have a huge impact on our lives. Frequently the diagnosis or prognosis of a disease can impact us as much as the disease itself.  As a psychotherapist in private practice for over 25 years, I saw many patients accept a time of death that was given to them, “You have about 3 months.” You have approximately one year.” And sadly, but not surprisingly, that is how long they lived. They lived down to others’ expectations.

My own mother was told at one point, as a result of extensive colorectal cancer, that she had only a few months to live. She was in her 50’s and working for Trans World Airlines at the time. As a gift, they gave her a lifetime pass when she was forced to quit work thinking she would hopefully be able to take one last trip.  My mother informed the doctors that she had 5 children and 3 of them still needed her so she was not going anywhere. She was almost 91 when she finally passed and for decades, she used her lifetime pass to spend her winters in southern Portugal….

What I have seen with Fibromyalgia patients is that the diagnosis carries so much weight, that although there can initially be a relief that it is finally diagnosed, the prognosis of endlessly progressive pain with a wide variety of symptoms to follow, including depression, leaves them feeling depressed. Depression is a result of the prognosis not of the disease. Imagine if they told you “Fibromyalgia can be a shock when it begins but it is reversible and temporary. Simply a reminder from your heart and soul that it is time to take care of yourself and slow down.”   Stress may occur at the thought of all you have on your plate but that’s the point.

When Fibromyalgia occurs, it is time to reassess:

  • how much you are doing
  • how many people you are taking responsibility for
  • to what extent
  • your stress level, and
  • how you can do it differently.

When Fibromyalgia occurs, it is time to start:

  • Taking time each day for meditation
  • Finding one thing (not a clean house etc.) that brings you joy
  • Recognizing that this life is about your spiritual journey – no one else’s
  • Creating a dream that is just yours
  • Establish what it is that makes you feel absolutely free and alive.

This condition is only a temporary call to remember you are the gift you give to others. It is not what you do that counts but your presence that makes them feel alive and loved.

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