September 9, 2019

Fibromyalgia Flare-ups

As someone who has spent years in wholistic health, I am fully aware of the power of intent, emotions, and spiritual beliefs on health. Having recently opened a facebook page, Curing Fibromyalgia, I first checked to see if any other pages existed for that purpose.

There were five that I found that I could join. My desire was to see what was being offered, what support, what direction, what pragmatic as well as emotional and spiritual support was being offered. Sadly, what I discovered was that, whatever the original intent of the founders, so much of what passed as support was actually simply listening to each member discuss the various degrees of pain they were in, rejection they were getting from spouses and others who did not understand Fibromyalgia, or the loneliness, depression and anxiety they were suffering.

Disease and disorders do not happen out of context.  My intermittent question of “What is happening in your life when the flare-up occurs?” is rarely answered. Regardless of the condition, there is always a situation, a perspective, a response to a particular stimulus that needs to be assessed along with your reaction to it. 

Wholistic Health is truly wholistic. Our whole being, as a hologram, is involved in the occurrence and the healing. Fibromyalgia, a disorder of the bladder meridian, is going to be fear-based, over-responsibility, as well as over-investment, is going to be a chief characteristic of the person with this disorder. 

Consequently, what is happening in their life at the time of a flare-up is a great indicator to what needs to be worked with to support a belief system shift, an emotional change, and the ability to eliminate pain before it occurs or at the moment it begins.


  • If it is that someone may get angry at you for a reason, then the other may need to learn to deal with his or her anger.  You may need to eliminate any fear that anger will hurt the other person. Perhaps the other person even needs to learn how to respond to things other than with anger….
  • If it is a fear that the other may be hurt or rejected, perhaps the other person can have the freedom to recover from hurt or rejection and realize that they are far more powerful than they or you knew.
  • If it is fear that someone will make a mistake perhaps recognizing that we all make mistakes and it only means they courageously tried would be a great lesson for each of you.

Whatever the stimulus is, and obviously there are far too many possibilities for me to list them all here, understanding what your vulnerability and fear is, the area in which you most want to protect others and/or yourself, allows you to begin to see it differently.

Flare-ups are literally your emotions flaring, your fears are being ignited beyond the norm. Self-care, self-nurturance, and self-understanding allow you to immediately begin to heal. Step out of the situation physically or energetically and focus on your body in the moment.

Recognizing the cause and effect sequence provides a sense of power and control as you repeatedly see how progressively easier it is for you to learn how to reverse the cycle. You deserve the freedom, and the folks in your life deserve the right to grow, make mistakes, and fail.

Clearly, not all choose to. Some will want to blame you for any unhappiness, failure, or mistake they make. They are allowed to. The difference is you can learn not to take it on.

THAT becomes the real freedom. That and the loss of pain, limitation, and fear. Logic and healthy patterns are an amazing antidote to feeling out of control or feeling as if your body is the enemy out to hurt you.

Rather, your body is the gift you have chosen as you walk this world. Always, it has messages to give you, experiences to bless you with, and pleasures to enjoy. Learning how to listen to what it is saying is the great adventure we all need to live. 

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